Expedia Credit Card


Are you a dedicated user of Expedia when it comes to all of those interesting promotion that they are offer? If so, then that's most likely how you came to know about the Expedia Credit Card in the first place. Are you an account holder with Citi Bank and looking for a way to have some type of savings that you can apply to your travel plans? If so, maybe you have heard of the Expedia Credit Card from Citi Bank and came here because you are seeking more information about their offerings. In this article we want to tell you more about the Expedia Credit Card as it relates to the no fee World MasterCard version.

One of the first cool things you will like to know about the no fee World MasterCard version of the Expedia Credit Card is that they are providing you with a $50 credit on your account as soon as you make your first eligible purchase with your card within the first sixty days. This amount is actually doubled if you opt for the elite level card of the World MasterCard version. Their point offering are actually not that great compared to other cards of the same type though. They are offering at most two points per dollar when you make purchases using your Expedia Credit Card on the Expedia site. Other than that, you only get one point per dollar on normal purchases and for each three miles that are flown on your Expedia flights.

If you are looking for the best card, the Expedia Credit Card isn't exactly the best, but they are not the worst either. They have their own rewards and savings that make their offering of the Expedia Credit Card something special if they are the particular ones you prefer to use when you travel. One way they thank you when you get approved their card is by providing you with bonus points to get you started. The bonus for the no fee World MasterCard version of the Expedia Credit Card is 10,000 points.

The unfortunate way to receive those bonus points is that you will first need to purchase using your card for $1,500 or more within the first four months. The $1,500 isn't an issue for everyone, but we mention it because there really are other cards of this same type that are giving greater points for spending much less money with your card. Ways to claim bonus points on cards like the no fee World MasterCard version of the Expedia Credit Card are those things you really want to make sure to read within the card details so that you can see if the card is designed for your spending habits or not. For some people a credit card that doesn't offer a lot is just good enough. For many others who have a wider range of spending, they need a card with much more options and faster ways to avail points and rewards. Making sure to read more on the application for the no fee World MasterCard version of the Expedia Credit Card will do you some good to make sure you know all of what it has to offer you.